Diversam Comaral


 Diversam Comaral

AFiG completed the acquisition of Diversam Comaral in May 2014.
Diversam Comaral was established in Morocco in 1952 by a Swedish group, Swedish Match. It began producing wax candles in 1995.
In 2000, Diversam Comaral led in the field of wax lanterns, wax vases and henna decorated candles and subsequently secures its patent in Morocco and Geneva.
In 2007 it was selected by the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts as a reference actor in handicraft for a period of 8 years running. In 2009 Diversam Comaral also won the Exportation Trophy.
In 2011 Diversam Comaral was selected as a “Great Discovery” at the exhibition Maison & Objet for the creation of the double oblique vase.
Today, Diversam Comaral has a site of 3000m² and manages a staff of 70 employees by its new PDG Dr. Amer SADEQ.

Web site : www.comaral.com


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