Created in 1972 by the late Mr. Faisal Al-Massoud Al-Fehaid, who graduated from Ain Shames University in Cairo. He worked for the late AMIR of Kuwait as financial adviser then established the family company under the name Faisal Al-Massoud General Trading & Contracting. FMGT&C represented many foreign companies during its 42 year history. The 2nd generation of family members represented by Mr. Waleed F.M. Al-Fehaid re-structured the business by bringing in new independent management and divide the business into several specialised business divisions and expanded the reach of the business internationally. Today under the name Al-Fehaid International Group the family business will span many divisions including: Industry, Real Estate, Medical, Logistics, Trade and Investment, and will operate across many countries.

AFiG and Batservice Holding

ALFEHAID INTERNATIONAL GROUP , is  the sole agent in the territory of Kuwait for Batservice Holding ASA Norwayhttp://www.batservice.no/ , Båtservice has 60 years’ experience in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering and has been for a long time one of the main pillars of Mandal’s industry…

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ALFEHAID INTERNATIONAL GROUP, (AFIG) is the Business agent for ATOS atos.net/in Kuwait.

ATOS is the integrated digital services leader, 5th in the world having the presence in 72 countries with 93000 employees.

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AFiG Medical

This new division will be based in Kuwait and will concentrate on 4 distinct areas:
Skill Labs for training doctors and nurses
Medical supplies
Medical equipment

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Special Project

This division work with international and local companies wanting to enter or expand their business in the Kuwaiti market. AFiG acted as agent or advisor to such companies and participate in tenders and bids in the State of Kuwait.


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Leisure Industries

Naoura Barriere – Marrakech

Naoura Barriere Hotel

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AFiG and Union Force Marin Group

ALFEHAID INTERNATIONAL GROUP , is the sole agent in the territory of Kuwait for UNION FORCE MARIN GROUP..

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AFiG and Spink and son Ltd

ALFEHAID INTERNATIONAL GROUP , is the sole agent in the territory of Kuwait for Spink and Son Ltd..

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AFiG completed the acquisition of Diversam Comaral in May 2014.
Diversam Comaral was established in Morocco in 1952 by a Swedish group, Swedish Match. It began producing wax candles in 1995.
Website : www.comaral.com

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ALFEHAID INTERNATIONAL GROUP, is the sole agent for BERETTA USA CORP (www.beretta.com) in the territory of Kuwait.
Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. is an Italian company which has earned international status for its high-tech content, performance and for the Italian style that distinguishes its products.

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HISTORYFMGT&C acted as agent to several Western companies